regina boakye lescot , 39

City, Country:United Kingdom
Language:******* ******* *** ******
Height:**** ** * ***** *
Body type:****
Looking for:********************
Dreams to visit:******************************* ************* **************** *********** ************** ******
Morena; medium-built with long hair. The say I am sexy but better see for yourself. I am confident and do love fashion very much. I super love teddy bears and I consider myself as a friendly and approachable one. I am family-oriented and love to have bonding moments with people whom I have. I am very passionate, loving and sincere in every way. I believe I am efficient at work and is a hardworking person. I am conversationalist.Have you ever imagined a symbolism of femininity, tireless enthusiasm, exotic beauty and spontaneity? If you were seeking for a woman like this for all your life then you have a possibility to know her better. It's me, my darling! I've been told a lot of times that I can brighten everything just by my presence. All my friends compare me with sunny day. I'm never bored and I shunt allow anyone to be sad! I believe that we live to enjoy this life and everyone can become happy! But its impossible to do when you're alone that's why I'm here! Sincerity, insight, spontaneity and caress are my main characteristics. Once you've seen my smile - you'll never forget it!

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