Larry Amando , 55

City, Country:United States
Language:******** ****** *******
Height:**** ** * ***** *
Body type:*******
Looking for:****************
Dreams to visit:************************************ ************* *************** ************** *********************** ************** ******
I am extremely loyal to those I am close to and value honesty, fidelity, and integrity. I don´t see the point of a relationship without being able to make that commitment. Once I get close to someone, I am extremely comfortable sharing my thoughts, desires, fears, and any other emotion I have with someone. I am respectful of other people´s existence as individuals and am very supportive and caring when it comes to their wants and needs. I know that sometimes it´s the little things like a warm smile or simply saying "Thank You" that can make the difference in someone´s day and I try to always keep that in mind..I am looking for a partner that is as excited about being in a relationship as I am. It´s important to me that she is emotionally available and ready to be with a man that wants to share himself with someone completely. I want a woman who can enjoy the benefits of a man who thinks a little chivalry and a certain amount of tradition are exciting while still appreciating the fact that he´s a progressive thinker socially.. I've been described as a funny loving, handsome, caring, giving to a fault, hard worker, proud, very honest, sensual, dependable, and incredible sense of humor (laughter is the best medicine) and a bunch of other very nice things, but I'm not going to go on. I would like to find someone that is physically open and affectionate and understands how much even some of the little things can mean to someone. Looking for that woman that totally completes me and is ready to fall in totally in love without fear or doubt when indeed the feelings do set in.

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