Cook , 38

City, Country:United Kingdom
Height:**** ** * ***** *
Body type:*******
Looking for:*******************************
Dreams to visit:************************************ ************* *************** ************** *********************** ************** ******
I believe the best way to happiness is to be true to ‘you’ and the greater good there has ever been. Do to your neighbour what you’d expect to be done unto you and in an ideal world, everyone is happy. The realities of our world with its harsh events without warning makes this almost impossible but I try to live my life the best I can causing the minimum hurt to anyone as humanly possible as I can. Maybe, my first paragraph will give you a fair idea about the kind of person I am and what I believe in. I am not sure how well coordinated an online profile should be. “It gets a lot of attention when it’s good”, so a friend tells me, so we’ll see how it goes. Please, smile as you read along! The world is a fun place; we only make it seem sad sometimes. I’m originally Portuguese turned “English Gentleman” as many put it. I love most of the pleasures of nature. I believe the best artists we have ever found were not only human but in greatness, nature. “Go figure” as many of the landscapes will tell you at first glance is only to say little about the awesomeness of nature. I have thrown you off a little bit? Well, forgive me; I just have a weird inclination to nature. I am on here purposely to ride through the journey of ‘love seeking’. I am not sure how the whole online thing boils down but success stories are flying around and I believe It can also happen to me. I believe searching for that ‘one’ is like fishing. You just cast your net and hope to catch fish. I hope to find that someone too. Even though I have my ideal taste I am a realist enough to know that love goes where love is. Time spent together in getting to know each other is paramount. I believe love is a process even though is born from day one of meeting someone. It only takes ‘time’ before you realize what love was right there in front of you. So I wouldn’t say on here that I seek a tall or short man, handsome or influential, I simply would say that I seek to find a man: a man whom I will grow and spend every single day getting to know and leave all else to time which answers best. I guess I have given you quite a handful of parable talk already. Behind this profile is however a fun person I am sure you would love to get to know. Don’t hesitate to say hi. The chances of what we seek ever happening are what we always never know until we give everything a try.

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