наташа , 24

City, Country:Belarus
Height:**** ** * ***** *
Body type:*******
Looking for:**********
Dreams to visit:******************* ************* *************** ************** ************** ******
My name is Natasha I live in Vitebsk (Belarus) Good, open and positive suschestvo.S slightly negative energy:) I forgive people their mistakes! Sometimes words and regret rush, it is often not punctual, not always sincere with those to whom the surface is difficult to touch otnoshus.Mnya your already beautiful face.. I somehow .. in fact it does not matter eto.Vot success, your accomplishments, then .. you have your goals and catch your dream, your happiness .. it shakes me da.Poroy from the realization that the very purpose for I already net.Mechta with me ... and it pleases ^ ^ I am a music lover, listen to almost any music a long time do not follow stereotypes and fashion in this area. But the more I prefer this kind of music like: Suicide Silence, Lolita Scorned, Bring Me The Horizon, System Of A Down, etc.. I love music, landscape, a feeling of euphoria, drawings, photographs, cameras, coffee, milk chocolate, abandoned buildings, L mob, hair, smoke, piercings, psychology, paint, peace, rain, sea, guitar, finger painting on glass, guessing desire, the first leaves, the noise of the city, loud talking, fooling around, rave, moods, tenderness, Understanding, midnight phone calls, notes.

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