Paula , 35

City, Country:United States
Height:**** ** * ***** *
Body type:****
Looking for:********
Dreams to visit:****** ******
I am Paula Grant,Here is Little about me I am usually very outgoing and social. I like to talk to just about anyone and listen to their stories. I ask many questions.. bordering on INTERROGATION. LOL I am considered to be very strong and assertive. Confident but not arrogant. I am addicted to "surveys" and Infomercials! I take my friendships very seriously. I have 3 or 4 friends that have been tight with me for 15 years. But I will stand by my "new" friends too. I am considered to be very open and forward. I just don't have time to try and read anyone's mind.and for My Friends,I hold my true friends in pretty much the same regard. I have a heart of gold and sometimes get taken advantage of because I'm too nice, but that's a price i'm willing to pay because I love my friends with my whole heart. I'm usually a good judge of character but once in a while I get burned for being "too nice, naive or trustworthy". Yes, heart of gold but please don't get on my bad side because things aren't so pretty when you mess with my family, my friends or myself. This is when I turn into a bitch and you don't really want to see that side of me... Anyhow, back to my friends...yes, we all have tons of acquaintances, people we go out with and what not, but then there are our TRUE friends. For me, these people are people I can count on no matter what, So when I am not sure about something..

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