Gene Gray , 51

City, Country:United States
Height:**** ** * ***** *
Body type:****
Looking for:******************
Dreams to visit:
Occupation: Computer Contract Software Engineer (usually developing software for avionics or medical systems projects nationwide). Languages: English, fair German, fair Spanish, and a small amount of Russian. Physical: 6'0", 170 lbs, average build, a Non-Smoker, a Non-Drinker, never use drugs, and am sort of an Indiana Jones type of person(a mild mannered computer engineer by day when I am on a business contract assignment, and an adventurer when I'm between contracts and on my travels). Interest: traveling (to exotic, scenic, and beautiful locations, that are usually off of the beaten path), heavy duty Rock & Roll and Blues music, animals (especially Dogs), nature, action-adventure-mystery movies, and going to Gentlemen’s Clubs where I like to let my eyeballs enjoy themselves. Major accomplishments in Life . . . . . • obtaining an education [B.S. w/ E.E./Math majors, CompSci minor, and am currently in an external M.S./D.Sc. in CompSci program], • becoming a professional Contract Computer Software Engineer with my own business (usually working on avionics or medical systems projects), • learning to fly an airplane and making cross country solo flights by myself, • learning to play (Chuck Berry style Rock & Roll and bottleneck-slide) guitars, • living in and visiting northern Europe (5 yrs), traveling to and visiting Mexico (3 mths), traveling to and visiting Central America (6 mths), • visiting all 48 of the continental United States and having have lived at one time or another in around 10 of them, • owned ranchettes in South Dakota and Colorado, • own my own home • never Smoke, never Drink, never used drugs, • had a four-footed, short-tail-waging, wet-black-nosed family for a wonderful 14 years, and • I am in good health.

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