angelakaye , 27

City, Country:United States
Height:**** ** * ***** *
Body type:****
Looking for:***************************
Dreams to visit:************************************ ************* *************** ************** *********************** ************** ******
I am transparent;) quiet,calm and kind unless provoked. I believe that its not your obligation to please others,if they dont like you then who cares?! Those people are rubbish,who the hell are they to set qualifications? Drop'em on trash! I snub hypocrites. Im a good person,i can be a best friend...but im not perfect and i dont care coz nobody is. Im not braggart,i talk a lot when i know a lot about the topic...and yell yeah! When i understand the language!:) Im a silent type,i dont talk too much when im not comfortable with the place and with the people around. Live life the good way. Live life the way you want it,the way God has planned it for you! Enjoy,avoid complications and be who you are!:) Be humble but be proud in every success you make.

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