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"Vacationing alone stinks, but with Solo Turist I was able to find the perfect companion. No more swishing down the ski slopes alone for me! It was amazing how quickly they found me a travel partner."

Anna, 28

"I had a fantastic dinner in the company of my travel companion in an exciting and exotic city. Needless to say, I am a fan of Solo Turist."

Julia, 22

"I highly recommend SoloTurist to any single man or woman traveling abroad. I met my companion in a safe environment where we enjoyed dancing and one of the most delicious meals I have ever had. I plan on using Solo Turist in the future."

Kristina, 25

"I get nervous traveling alone. Solo Turist helps me put my worries aside. They hooked me up with a good looking travel girl who had the same interest I do. We had a great time exploring the area together."

Roger, 38

"One thing that is for certain is that I do not enjoy traveling alone. Instead of staying at home like a prune, I chose to use SoloTurist. They hooked me up with a travel date so that I could embark on my very first cruise. It was truly an experience of a lifetime."

Olga, 26

"I use SoloTurist every time that I take a trip. Sure, there is always the chance I could meet someone while traveling, but with SoloTurist I am guaranteed to have a compatible partner to tour a new place with. Anyone who has not used SoloTurist is not really enjoying traveling to its true potential."

Paul, 35

"Solo Turist is an affordable service that supplied me with a great companion to travel with. Travel dating is a new experience to me, but I have to say that I highly enjoyed it. I will definitely be using this service in the future."

Nastia, 24

"SoloTurist found me the perfect travel partner through their travel dating website. I had a blast! Thank goodness I will never have to travel alone again."

Harry, 31

"I met my travel guy for drinks. Once the ice had been broken, we explored the local city and grabbed a quick bite to eat before hitting the local dance clubs. Instead of hoping to meet my dream man, I actually did."

Mila, 25

"I never traveled much before I found SoloTurist because the idea of traveling alone was scary. They located a travel companion who enjoyed the same activities that I did. I had a great time and plan on using the services of SoloTurist again and again."

Kate, 23

"I have traveled all over the world, but none of my travels have been as enjoyable as when I used Solo Turist. I found the perfect companion to enjoy my resort vacation."

John, 36

"I always enjoy meeting new people. I also love to travel. That is why Solo Turist is perfect for people like me. I get to enjoy the company of interesting exotic people while vacationing in a new destination. I love Solo Turist because their services are reliable, affordable, and I always can count on being matched with a compatible partner."

Elen, 29